"DARTQOR is the Decision and Wealth System of EQORIA which creates maximum prosperity and respect for EQORIA Earth Citizens and creates the foundation for Planetarian Singularity. Dartqor will transform humans into Harmonism!" James A. Eqorian

You know very well how difficult was in the old system to level up to work, how much you had to fight or to wait until your boss or the government added to your salary 1-2%. You do remember how long you were waiting for that promotion for which you worked so hard but it never came because the boss decided that someone else deserved it more.

Now you can forget about all this as the EQORIA Reward and Reputation System gives you unlimited opportunities to arrive at the level you want as fast as you can and in this article I am going to explain to you how.

Becoming EQORIA Earth Citizen you already benefit from the opportunities that come with the level you signed up for. DARTQOR is the decision and wealth system of EQORIA, and it is ownerless. The money from the First Citizenship certificates enters the DARTQOR platform and is used to gather the necessary materials and equipment in order to build EQORIA Planetarian Singularity.

In EQORIA every citizen chooses to be involved in an activity and based on EQORIA Reward System, every citizen will be rewarded for their achievements. There is no boss or government to reward you. The rewards are given by all EQORIA Earth Citizens via the DARTQOR platform reward interface that measures decision, amount of time, and the level of consciousness. This means that it depends only on you how much you contribute to EQORIA’s activities, how much time you spend with the harmony activities for citizens in order to convince them to vote in your favor so that you receive as many rewards as possible.

In the DARTQOR Platform using SECH Interface, based on the number and ranking of accurate decisions that you make on the platform, you get rewarded by the collective. Every decision has a minimum cost and zero risks. Less accurate decisions will be eliminated by the system and distributed as a reward to the accurate decisions. As a result, for example, a $10 decision can turn up into a $10,000 every 10 minutes. DARTQOR generates value for EQORIA in billions of dollars which in result will benefit all EQORIA Earth Citizens.

The system uses Blockchain, Digital Currencies, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Biometrics, and many other advanced available technologies and empirical knowledge.

Engineers, scientists, architects, and other subject matter experts in EQORIA Earth Consortium are responsible for the EQORIA DARTQOR Platform.

Join EQORIA Planetarian Singularity to build the way to freedom and prosperity.



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