“The future is now in the hands of responsible humans. We are the planet. We are the responsibility. We are EQORIA. Only together, with our selfless goodwill and consciousness, we can achieve anything.” James A. Eqorian

Well, it’s simple. The impact is basically a disruption that affects harmony.

Our Planet is at a close point of a big change. I know…You will say there were huge changes also before, like Ice Age for example, and it was not the human's fault. I agree but let’s see what causes an ice age?

Ice ages don't just come out of nowhere - it takes thousands of years for an ice age to begin.

An ice age is triggered when summer temperatures in the northern hemisphere fail to rise above freezing for years. This means that winter snowfall doesn't melt, but instead builds up, compresses, and over time starts to compact, or glaciate, into ice sheets.

Over thousands of years, these ice sheets start to build up - it seems to be in northern Canada when that first happens - and then they spread out across the northern hemisphere.

"It's a long term trend over thousands of years to colder summers," Dr. Steven Phipps, an ice sheet modeler, said.

Dr. Phipps is also a climate system modeler and palaeoclimatologist with the University of Tasmania.

So, if we take a close and honest look at what happens now, we will see that all the changes that Earth suffers are happening fast. There are not thousands or millions of years which means that somehow the humans interfered. We like to play God in about every field of our life, taking advantage of resources and other species. This desire of being “king”, this wealth competition, and forgetting to share, brings us to disrespect to others (including animal, plants, insects…) and to aggressive behavior. We go to extremes consuming more than we need which is leading us to collapse; we are like a caterpillar eating the Earth.

Humans feel powerful, they feel mighty, going into animals' habitats to get more of certain metals, rocks, or even land in order to become richer, forgetting that there is a certain order in the Universe, there is a harmony based on natural laws. If humans were supposed to interact with wild creatures, it was natural to live among them but it is not, and now we are suffering from different viruses- for example-, giving the blame to animals.

Deforestation, viruses, climate change… come from human interference with other species and bring imbalance, disruption, harm, and in the end, will destroy us. What else do we need to wake up? Maybe…another pandemic?

EQORIA SINGULARITY IMPACT (ESI) is an Earth observation, diagnosis, and decision system that is empowered by citizens to create harmony for the planet by utilizing their wealth and conscious decisions.

ESI provides a detailed analysis of the positive and negative impacts created by humans and non-human sources and the target is to create benefit to Earth and all its species by implementing Planetarian Singularity. Being part of EQORIA SINGULARITY IMPACT QSPACE you can join to create the Earth Decision System; the expansion of a New Civilization, a New Planet Earth.

Here are some of the solutions ESI creates:

  • Ocean Clean-Up

  • River Clean-Up

  • Afforestation

  • Groundwater clean-up

  • Drone-based solutions

  • Life Threat Detection Solutions

  • Tree Protection Solutions

  • AI-based Solutions

  • Smart Farming

  • Shifting the usage of inorganic to organic

Remember! What impacts the planet, impacts us!

We should not play God with harmony. Harmony implies responsibility.

Love the environment to live and protect the environment to survive.

We are the greatest together

We are EQORIA!



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