Children, young or aging people, each of us at a certain moment in life visited a healthcare facility. The problem is that …money talks. If you have a good health insurance policy you get the necessary attention but if you don’t, you have to wait a long time and there are limited services that you receive…or not. Sure enough, you want to get out of this system. All of us want that.

EQORIA LifeLab is the best alternative that we have. Becoming an EQORIA Citizen, you have access to the most sophisticated methods and technology to check your health state and solve every problem your body has.

EQORIA Earth Consortium unites all scientists to create the most optimum solutions by utilizing all available technologies harmonized with the principles of EQORIA Planetarian Singularity.

In today’s world, as surgical systems and clinical diagnostics adapt to new methods, instrumentation, and assay technology, the pace of system innovations continues to accelerate. Many technologies originally developed for other applications, e.g., defense, energy, and aerospace, have found applications in the medical industry/environment. EQORIA Earth Consortium, with thousands of scientists, engineers, resource providing partners, and clinical providers will be able to present the most recent advances in instrumentation and methods of diagnostic and therapeutic guidance systems for clinical applications. The consortium's goal is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for state-of-the-art methods in instrumentation research and development of biomedical technologies, approaching the translation from research and development prototypes to the user application. The emphasis will be on clinical translation and implementation. Lifelab will address the interests of researchers, applied scientists, engineers, and clinicians whose goal is to implement clinical systems with extended, improved performance capabilities.

The EQORIA LifeLab analyses your body with advanced technologies. It presents exactly the 3D interactive digital replica of your body, it views the external relationships your body has, such as inhaled air or food, it takes clinical samples and diagnostic process combined with personalized treatment.

EQORIA LifeLab is the ownerless and empirical citizen health infrastructure. From nutrition to diagnosis, and from maintaining health to treatments, LifeLab covers all.

There are many healthcare technologies available such as:

  • Clinical Diagnostic Systems; Minimally invasive diagnostics systems based on testing in samples naturally eliminated from the body or easy to acquire;

  • The involvement of alleviating procedure or anesthesia for samples collected from within requiring minor surgery;

  • Early screening of diseases;

  • Monitoring of pathological conditions or health status;

  • Multi-modality diagnostic systems (optics combined with acoustic, ultrasound, MRI, PET, X-ray);

  • Diagnostics for personalized medicine;

  • Application of imaging technologies, including Radiography, Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Ultrasonography (USG), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Endoscopy, Thermography;

  • Fluorescence, IR, OCT, and other optical imaging systems;

  • Laser radar sensing and imaging;

  • Terahertz techniques and systems (imaging, spectroscopy, and modeling);

  • Optical methods of assessing structure and function;

  • Trauma and critical care;

  • Tumour demarcation, margin identification;

  • Therapeutic assessment;

  • Dexterity-enhanced surgery;

  • Robotics-assisted surgery;

  • Surgical simulators;

  • Real-time feedback systems;

  • Virtual (VR), augmented (AR), and extended (XR) reality technologies;

  • Intelligent Observation and Analysis Systems;

  • Health Unit;

  • Holographic Communication Unit and more...

The benefits for you are the improvement of the quality of life and health of individuals and at the global level, development of science and sustainable development in a healthy environment to live.

EQORIA LifeLab adheres to the principles of science and ethics, rational use of limited resources, caring for the environment, and civilization development.

Join the EQORIA LifeLab project to bring your contribution to harmony!

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