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Being a child in the old system is not as easy as some adults think. Just because a certain woman carried you in her womb for some months it doesn’t mean you and her are the same people or that you are her property. Most of the parents have this view over the children, and most adults around them (grandparents, teachers, or others with a certain authority) think that kids are now a part of their parents or just because they have a small size, the parents or the other adults know better what is good for the children or what the children should do by actually building fences around the kids limiting them. It is hard to be mini human when the parents do not understand that you are actually a totally different entity, a totally new existence with a totally new path in your life.

Fortunately, there are also parents that have a higher level of consciousness and they want to give their children the freedom to grow and to develop themselves based on their own life plan. For them, there is EQORIA Children Paradise.

EQORIA Children Paradise is the place where children can choose their own activities based on what they love to do. Loving what they do and doing what they love, gives the opportunity to develop their unique abilities and encourages kids to build strong bonds with others, not of their own age (much like how older and younger siblings interact). The EQORIA Children Paradise provides unlimited activities for kids of every age so as to become loving, independent, to learn identifying opportunities, to target priorities, to negotiate/ compromise, to learn responsibilities, make their own decision, self-discovery, think for themselves- problem-solving, be realistic and push boundaries, develop “I can” attitude and many more true human abilities as EQORIA Earth Citizens.

EQORIA Children Paradise provides empirical knowledge through the EQORIA Earth Academy where children learn by experiencing and discovering about life, species, planets… There are activities such as:

  • Discovering Earth

  • How Earth formed

  • How did life begin

  • How do the Earth interior works?

  • What is around Earth

  • How life shaped Earth

  • Our galaxy

  • Sun

  • Moon

  • Discovering Earth Citizens

  • Evolution of life on Earth

  • Why we started to walk on two feet

  • Human brain vs apes brain

  • DNA

  • What happened to Neanderthals

  • Are we still evolving

  • Consciousness

  • Find your values

  • Master your mind being aware of your thoughts

  • Nurture positive relationships

  • Challenging their own ideas

  • Invention

  • Innovation

  • Progress

  • Access to resources

  • Technology

  • Opportunities

  • Social

  • Harmony plan

  • And many, many more.

Instead of drawing arbitrary lines between kids to dictate whom they get to hang out with all day, and where they should be in their development or what activities they should choose, EQORIA Children Paradise prepares the children for life, in all of its unsegregated glory, which is the way it should be.

Make a difference in children’s lives and join our project to be part of EQORIA Children Paradise.



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