"Being part of the harmony means being limitless. The EQORIA vision of living in places called QSpaces where we experience maximum freedom, maximum prosperity and maximum respect, while enjoying the beauty of the Planet created with the knowledge of harmony and the advanced technologies, now enables conscious humans to engineer Earth Paradise. All what we have to do is to unite." James A. Eqorian

We are so used to living in our old city that it’s pretty hard to believe that it could be different. When we say “city” in our mind there is already an image with big crowded streets, full of houses, blocks, shops, government institutions, cars in traffic jams, polluted air…

I dare you to close your eyes and use your imagination and see the future cities; the cities where the houses as you know them do not exist anymore, where you can use free transportation to bring you as fast as possible to another location or another city, where there are no shops, where there is green energy… Can you imagine that? I bet you got chills thinking where you are going to live and how you can buy clothes, shoes, creams or other items if there are no shops.

As in EQORIA the technology works for every Earth Citizen, we need a lot less than we need now and in every city there are millions of activities for each of us. You only need a place to sleep and that is there for you. You want to dress in a certain way? You use the smart clothes system and you get dressed in no time, the way you wish. You want to go to a place where you had some activity with children to the Academy there? You just jump in fast transportation and in no time you are there.

EQORIA QSpaces project is waiting for you to come together to build EQORIA Planetarian Singularity.

The scientist, architects and visionaries of EQORIA are gathering together in order to innovate, design, create structures utilizing all available empirical knowledge, resources and technologies.



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