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Our entire society on Earth is finally awaking to see those old ways do not work anymore although people think there is no way to get out of this vicious circle. Well, fortunately, there is a choice.

After many years of trying to accept what is happening with us and our Planet, I figured that I just cannot. Then I tried to change what was not working in favor of people, animals, life in general. Again I hit a wall because I have another level of understanding and people are so used to think the old way, they limit their minds not wanting to get out of the box… until one day when I met a special person: James Angelo Eqorian.

Talking to him for hours and hours I was happy to discover that there is someone else besides me that trust the Universe as much as I do and is willing to do whatever it takes in order to bring love, light, a joy to everybody’s life, to bring the Harmony on Earth. He already started the project 15 years ago and I was very happy to be part of it realizing that I can expand my potential.

EQORIA is simply the only alternative that we all have. The biggest difference between EQORIA and other systems (old or new) is that it CREATES for people, for life; it doesn’t take anything from anybody.

Also, one of the biggest differences is that EQORIA is an ownerless and decentralized system called HARMONISM. There is no government or other institution but only the citizens' choice. Based on the Citizen Reward System, everybody who is seriously involved in activities that help to bring and maintain harmony has the opportunity to be a leader.

Another big difference is that EQORIA citizens can choose, making their own decision on the activities they want to enjoy. There are spaces open 24/7 for any activity and the AI takes care of citizen’s safety. The choices are limitless as they are based on what the citizens love to do for the Harmony. If you love being around dolphins, you can choose to have activities in that space. If you love doing experiments, the LifeLab Space is waiting for you. If you love children, there is Children Paradise for you…and many other projects that create EQORIA Planetarian Singularity.

Follow my blogs and you will receive more information, get more understanding and you will arrive at a superior level of consciousness.

Mihaela Malipaard (Wanda Eqorian)

First Citizen of EQORIA



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